Neocutis & PSP®

Neocutis uses the most advanced biotechnology for your skin by obtaining a naturally balanced mixture of crucial skin nutrients.  This mixture is known as PSP®, which stands for ‘Processed Skin Cell Proteins’, and it is a scientific breakthrough that has raised the standards in anti-aging products.

So what makes PSP® so awesome for aging skin?  Well, actually, PSP® was originally intended for wound healing and skin rejuvenation in burn victims to help heal burn wounds and prevent scarring.  Like aging skin, wounded skin loses the ability to reproduce collagen, causing cellular turnover to slow down immensely.  So when scientists saw the effect PSP® was having on wounded skin, they put it to the test for aging skin as well.  This allowed growth factors and other cytokines to interact synergistically in order to initiate the wound healing response in aging skin.  The result?  Improved elasticity, drastic improvement in skin texture and hydration, with added protection for any future damages!  The bio-mimetic peptide helps maintain youthful and healthy looking skin by inhibiting those enzymes that cause our skin to degrade and age.  This peptide, along with vitamin C and a combination of hydrating Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid, help instantly plump and smooth the skins surface.  These factors work with Pullulan (a polysaccharide polymer), to form mature collagen bundles directly below the skins surface, giving your face a skin tightening appearance.

Come discover the secret to maintaining beautiful, youthful skin today!  Until the end of November, receive 10% off your order when you purchase 3 or more skin care products, so hurry and come see us!

Check out these clinical studies provided by Neocutis Pharmaceuticals, the results are absolutely amazing!

Neocutis 2 Month Study

Neocutis – Reduction of Skin Wrinkle Depth

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    • Neocutis can be a little pricey, but we promise it is worth it! It is the only skin care line of it’s kind, and being medical-grade makes it exclusive to our patients. Right now we are having an amazing promotion, buy 3 products at 10% off and get 20% off a 4th product of your choice! We also just got adorable make-up bags that we are giving away for the Holidays!

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