Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s VIP Loyalty Program


It’s finally here! 

All of us here at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery could not be more excited to finally launch our VIP Loyalty Program. 

What is it? A membership to our patients to substantially save on ALL services, procedures, and products we have to offer.  This is a way for us to say THANK-YOU to our loyal patients who continue to come see us for all of their cosmetic needs.

How to sign up: Membership is $400 for the year.  You will receive your own membership card with a specific barcode that links to your account and activates all of your VIP discounts.  Set discounts are as follows:

SLPS VIP Loyalty Card Specials


Loyalty Price


Botox Treatments


Up to $200 per treatment

Fillers (Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse)

$80 OFF each syringe

$80 per syringe

Cosmetic Surgery

10% OFF


Skin Care Products/Make-Up

15% OFF


Microdermabrasion Treatments

60% OFF

$60 per treatment

Chemical Peel Treatments

50% OFF

Up to $75 per treatment

Laser Treatments

60% OFF


Attending our Grand Opening?  Receive 25 FREE units of Botox when you sign up at the Grand Opening on March 28thClick here for more information on the Grand Opening

Time For Some Skin Care Damage Control!

Now that fall is officially here, it’s time to do some damage control on our skin!  If you live in Texas, there is no doubt that your skin has experienced some of the negative effects from the sun’s powerful rays, so it’s time to correct that damage before it’s too late.  Antioxidants are key in cellular renewal, cellular turnover, and overall skin health.  Our ReACTIVE Anti-Oxidant Serum offers one of the most complete anti-oxidant defense systems available to help neutralize free radicals and promote anti-oxidant regeneration.  The clinical studies speak for themselves; when compared to other antioxidant facial products, ReACTIVE clearly provides more protection – just imagine what it could do for your skin!

Since we’re doing summer sun damage control, it’s important to think about our internal health as well.  Are you eating the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits & vegetables daily?  If not, you may not be obtaining all of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to prevent aging and ensure good health.  Phytonutrients are plant chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their distinctive color while providing internal protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  When consumed, these plant nutrients confer health benefits to us.  Be sure to cover gaps in your diet by taking Phyto-5 Phytonutrient Complex.PHYTO 5

Jump-start your skin care damage control!  Right now at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery, purchase $300 worth of skin care, make-up, or vitamins and receive a FREE phyto-5 AND ReACTIVE Anti-oxidant serum!  While supplies last, so hurry in!

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

To actually repair your complexion…
• It has to be corrected from the inside out – not from the outside
• You have to actually reverse the causes – and signs – of aging
• You have to pick a medical grade skin care regimen
You have to make a commitment to stay with it for 4-5 months

As our skin ages, it’s not so pretty…
• The outer layer of your skin thickens, creating uneven texture
• You have less cell turnover
• Your pores enlarge
• Cells that make melanin function irregularly, leading to age
spots and discoloration
• Collagen and elastin production slows down, weakening and
loosening your skin
• Thick, irregular connective tissue forms, contributing to wrinkles

Over-the-Counter Skin Care Products…
• Contain low (weak) concentrations of active ingredients, by law
• Aren’t formulated with enough strength to heal below the surface
• Only work on the top layer of your skin
• Don’t penetrate deeply enough to actually change your skin
• Won’t correct your underlying skin condition, so they…
• Won’t result in a permanent improvement in your skin

We invite you to retrain your skin back to health with a customized plan to treat your unique skin concerns. The plan takes only moments a day, and once your skin has been repaired you can keep it healthy with a simple maintenance plan.  Set up a skin analysis and start your journey to beautiful, flawless skin!


More About the VISIA Complexion Analysis System:
The VISIA Complexion Analysis System scans your skin and captures key visual information, using multi-spectral imaging and analysis, of eight areas that affect your skin’s health and appearance. We use the VISIA to measure your skin pigmentation, pore size, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria), UV spots, photo damage (typically from sun damage), texture and wrinkles. With this quantitative assessment of your skin, we compare your skins features to other individuals of the same sex, age and skin type to provide you with your relative skin condition within your peer group. We then prepare your personalized skin care regime and rejuvenation program.

As your treatments progress, the VISIA is used to track the changes in your skin and the effectiveness of your skin care program. Set up an appointment for a free consultation today!

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year

Happy 2013! The 2012 Holiday season is officially over! Time to take down decorations, write thank-you notes, and tell your family to finally go home… (kidding!). The beginning of a New Year is one of our favorite times of the year at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. We like to think of it as a chance to start over with a fresh, clean slate. This is a time to focus on you. Be selfish, Christmas is over! The Holiday of “giving” has come to an end so no need to feel guilty. We want to help you feel good about yourself in whatever way we can. A few of the most common New Year’s Resolutions this year include losing weight, eating healthy, taking better care of yourself, increasing self confidence, enjoying life to the fullest, spending more time with family, quit smoking, and becoming better organized. While we can’t help you with the latter few, here are a couple of ways SLPS can assist with making some of your resolutions last!

Losing weight and eating healthy

Losing weight and eating healthy:

We are proud to introduce Nutrition services at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery, including a medical grade vitamin line and Nutrition Counseling with our very own Clinical Nutritionist.  Whether following a cosmetic procedure or focusing towards your overall health, we are here to help you out in the long run.  We strive to meet every individual’s beauty, health and wellness needs, and together can come up with a customized plan to help you achieve your specific goals.  Nutrition consults are free, so call us to set up an appointment and jump-start your journey to a more healthy and beautiful life!

Taking care of your skinTaking better care of your skin:

Give your skin the treatment it deserves this year with our exclusive medical grade skin care products.  Whatever your concern may be, we have the perfect solution for you.  Our skin care experts can help you address: aging skin, acne, vascular skin, hyperpigmentation, delicate and sensitive skin, rosacea, KP, or all of the above.  Call us to set up a free skin analysis with our VISIA Complexion Analysis System and let us help you come up with an individualized skin care regimen that’s specifically formatted for you!

Self-confidenceIncreasing self confidence:

Our appearance can often have a big impact on our self-confidence, poise, and self-esteem.  Looking for a quick fix?  Botox® and injectable fillers can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and give anyone a substantial confidence boost.  Don’t just trust anyone for these treatments, Dr. Nguyen has an artistry background which helps to give you the absolute best results.  Looking for something a bit less invasive?  We have several skin care and laser services with the best technology and products on the market.  Skin care and laser services include: microdermabrasions, a variety of chemical peels, bio-boost eye treatments, laser hair, vein, and tattoo reduction, pigmented lesion correction, and IPL photo facials.  We also offer complementary make-overs following any skin care treatment with our amazing mineral make-up line, Glo Minerals.  Check out our Glo Minerals post to learn more about the make-up line!

What are your resolutions this year?  Comment below and receive an EXTRA 10% off any skin care product for the month of January!

Beautiful Hands

Beautiful Hands with Glytone Hand Peels & Lumiquin Hand Cream:

Unfortunately as we age, yucky brown spots begin to appear on sun-exposed skin. Most of us are aware of the extreme importance in protecting our faces from the sun; however, other neglected parts of our body (such as our hands) may not receive the same attention and protection. The result? Ugly, aging hands that do not match the rest of your beautiful skin. Our hands do most of the dirty work from our daily activities and deserve some special attention too!

There are many techniques to help rejuvenate the hands including lasers, chemical peels and fillers. Fillers can be injected under the skin of the hand to plump up the skin to help hide veins and tendons. For a less invasive approach we recommend one of our 3 peels to decrease hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and coarse wrinkles. The patented technology in these peels allows key ingredients and nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin, rejuvenating beyond the surface of the skin, for a cellular transformation and true, lasting results! We offer a variety of medical grade peels at our office, but for hands, we recommend Glytone Hands by Enerpeel®, which is specifically indicated for photoaging of the hands. The Glytone Hands peel by Enerpeel® exfoliates, renews, and hydrates, allowing your hands to take on a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Just check out the difference our hand treatments have made for a few of our patients after receiving a Glytone hand peel and using Revision’s state of the art Lumiquin hand cream for maintenance:

A little more about Lumiquin by Revision Skincare:
Lumiquin specifically focuses on evening out skin tone and treating brown spots on the hands and arms. This specialty formula contains Mytrothamnus Flabellifolia, a Quintic Acid ester known to inhibit stress-related signs of aging, great for treatment and prevention! Lumiquin is also formulated with naturally derived moisturizers to hydrate the skin and effectively fade age spots, dark spots, and melanin deposits. Lumiquin is not only brightens, but also PLUMPS the hands, making them look and feel absolutely amazing! This formula is packed with antioxidants, including THD Ascorbate, the most bio-availible form of vitamin C, which will support the skins natural barrier against environmental stressors – can’t get much better than that! Combining the Glytone hand peel with Revision’s Lumiquin for maintenance will give you optimal results and help your hands look DECADES younger!

Come see us and rejuvenate your hands from the inside out! We would love to put together a discounted hand rejuvenation package individualized for your specific needs!

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In addition, mention this post and receive an extra 15% off of a Glytone hand peel AND a bottle of Revision’s Lumiquin! Call us at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery to make your appointment today!