Beautiful Hands

Beautiful Hands with Glytone Hand Peels & Lumiquin Hand Cream:

Unfortunately as we age, yucky brown spots begin to appear on sun-exposed skin. Most of us are aware of the extreme importance in protecting our faces from the sun; however, other neglected parts of our body (such as our hands) may not receive the same attention and protection. The result? Ugly, aging hands that do not match the rest of your beautiful skin. Our hands do most of the dirty work from our daily activities and deserve some special attention too!

There are many techniques to help rejuvenate the hands including lasers, chemical peels and fillers. Fillers can be injected under the skin of the hand to plump up the skin to help hide veins and tendons. For a less invasive approach we recommend one of our 3 peels to decrease hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and coarse wrinkles. The patented technology in these peels allows key ingredients and nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin, rejuvenating beyond the surface of the skin, for a cellular transformation and true, lasting results! We offer a variety of medical grade peels at our office, but for hands, we recommend Glytone Hands by Enerpeel®, which is specifically indicated for photoaging of the hands. The Glytone Hands peel by Enerpeel® exfoliates, renews, and hydrates, allowing your hands to take on a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Just check out the difference our hand treatments have made for a few of our patients after receiving a Glytone hand peel and using Revision’s state of the art Lumiquin hand cream for maintenance:

A little more about Lumiquin by Revision Skincare:
Lumiquin specifically focuses on evening out skin tone and treating brown spots on the hands and arms. This specialty formula contains Mytrothamnus Flabellifolia, a Quintic Acid ester known to inhibit stress-related signs of aging, great for treatment and prevention! Lumiquin is also formulated with naturally derived moisturizers to hydrate the skin and effectively fade age spots, dark spots, and melanin deposits. Lumiquin is not only brightens, but also PLUMPS the hands, making them look and feel absolutely amazing! This formula is packed with antioxidants, including THD Ascorbate, the most bio-availible form of vitamin C, which will support the skins natural barrier against environmental stressors – can’t get much better than that! Combining the Glytone hand peel with Revision’s Lumiquin for maintenance will give you optimal results and help your hands look DECADES younger!

Come see us and rejuvenate your hands from the inside out! We would love to put together a discounted hand rejuvenation package individualized for your specific needs!

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Laser Treatments at SLPS

Laser Hair Removal

Let’s face it, as women, we are basically expected to be like seals when it comes to body hair.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always agree, and occasionally leaves us with a body part that resembles something like a gorilla instead.  Constant shaving, waxing, and other temporary hair removal methods can lead to razor bumps, irritated skin, ingrown hairs, and just plain nastiness.  Imagine never having to shave, wax, pluck, or thread ever again.   Laser hair removal is the real deal and has been FDA approved for “permanent hair reduction” in the United States; the results are unbelievable.  Don’t fall for any more scams, let us help you address your unwanted body hair and zap it off for good.  The Lasers we use at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery are the absolute best on the market with the 2 best wavelengths in the industry.  What does this mean?  A more effective procedure, leading to better results and fewer treatments.  Our Elite laser machines are suitable for all skin types and acceptable for treating the widest range of body parts on the market.

The primary principle behind the laser hair removal method is selective photothermolysis, which takes a specific and calculated wavelength of light and pulse duration for optimal effect on a targeted tissue, and with minimal effect on surrounding tissue.  Lasers aim towards the hair follicle to destroy the chromophore, permanently destroying future hair growth in the early anagen phase.  Since hair grows in phases at different rates, several treatments are necessary for complete results.  Typical treatments elsewhere can be completed in about 8-12 sessions, but with our “Gold Standard” lasers, the same results can be expected in 4-8 sessions.  If you’re thinking about going somewhere else, remember to ALWAYS go to a licensed technician at a doctor’s office, otherwise your results may be less than desirable.  The Florida Board of Medicine has determined that the use of laser devices for cosmetic purposes are considered the practice of medicine, and requires they only be used by a Physician, a Physician’s Assistant under supervision, or an Advanced Registered Nurse.  In Texas, we do not have this regulation, so several places offering laser hair removal services are less than legitimate, possibly leading to detrimental damage… It’s not worth it!

Call Sugar Land Plastic Surgery to set up your laser hair removal sessions and get hairless just in time for next summer!  We currently have an amazing deal – Buy one package for 6 treatments of a selected body part, and get an ADDITIONAL 6 treatment package for a different body part FREE!  Or get 40% off each session if you would prefer to only have one body part treated.  Hurry and call us to reserve your spot!

IPL FotoFacial™

IPL FotoFacial™ is a series of “intense pulsed light” treatments designed to produce healthy, younger looking, radiant skin.  FotoFacial™ can dramatically erase freckles, age spots, spider veins, sun damage, enlarged pores, redness, flushing, and irregular pigmentation.  It can also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips and forehead.  With the use of this exciting new technology, dramatic improvements can now be accomplished with little or no “downtime” and with very minimal discomfort.  We like to use FotoFacial™ as a part of an anti-aging program in people as young as 20 years old.  Come see us today and let us help you achieve that beautiful, flawless glow you’ve always wanted.

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Vein Removal

Spider veins can make beautiful legs look rather unsightly, or as if they belong to someone twice your age.  About 25% of women and 15% of men in the U.S. are unhappy with their spider veins and wish to get rid of them.  Our lasers are capable of both removing the unattractive vein, as well as restoring normal blood flow from mangled valves.  This is extremely important in the vein removal process and keeps them from coming back.  Each spider vein removal treatment takes about 30-45 minutes and has little to no discomfort with no downtime.  Let’s start your treatments this winter for final results by spring!

Right now, purchase a “total vein removal” package for under $1,000!  This will cover the 3 treatments necessary for complete and permanent results.  Call us and reserve your first appointment!

We also offer the BEST laser tattoo removal!  Mention this post and receive 10% OFF each session!

Neocutis & PSP®

Neocutis uses the most advanced biotechnology for your skin by obtaining a naturally balanced mixture of crucial skin nutrients.  This mixture is known as PSP®, which stands for ‘Processed Skin Cell Proteins’, and it is a scientific breakthrough that has raised the standards in anti-aging products.

So what makes PSP® so awesome for aging skin?  Well, actually, PSP® was originally intended for wound healing and skin rejuvenation in burn victims to help heal burn wounds and prevent scarring.  Like aging skin, wounded skin loses the ability to reproduce collagen, causing cellular turnover to slow down immensely.  So when scientists saw the effect PSP® was having on wounded skin, they put it to the test for aging skin as well.  This allowed growth factors and other cytokines to interact synergistically in order to initiate the wound healing response in aging skin.  The result?  Improved elasticity, drastic improvement in skin texture and hydration, with added protection for any future damages!  The bio-mimetic peptide helps maintain youthful and healthy looking skin by inhibiting those enzymes that cause our skin to degrade and age.  This peptide, along with vitamin C and a combination of hydrating Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid, help instantly plump and smooth the skins surface.  These factors work with Pullulan (a polysaccharide polymer), to form mature collagen bundles directly below the skins surface, giving your face a skin tightening appearance.

Come discover the secret to maintaining beautiful, youthful skin today!  Until the end of November, receive 10% off your order when you purchase 3 or more skin care products, so hurry and come see us!

Check out these clinical studies provided by Neocutis Pharmaceuticals, the results are absolutely amazing!

Neocutis 2 Month Study

Neocutis – Reduction of Skin Wrinkle Depth

Blast That Belly Fat!

Still working on that perfect beach bod? Well aren’t we all?  If surgery is not something you are interested in, tweaks to your diet may be all you need.  Recently undergone a tummy tuck or liposuction?  Make sure you are able to achieve your maximum results with a proper balanced diet.  Whatever your situation may be, try incorporating these five ‘bellyblaster’ super-foods into your diet and exercise regimen.

1. Jalapeños
What they do: increase cellular metabolism & suppress appetite
How they do it: Jalapeños contain capsaicin, a compound that is solely responsible for converting stored fat into energy. Researchers at the University of Maryland recently discovered the jalapeño’s are capable of raising an individual’s metabolism by 25% for 3 hours after ingestion! They are also great for suppressing appetite because they are so spicy.

2. Grilled Shrimp
What they do: convert the metabolic pathway of adipose cells to apoptosis. Translation-they literally make fat cells self-destruct. They also suppress appetite.
How they do it: a study conducted at the University of Milan discovered that shrimp increases our bodies ability to burn fat by over 200% by increasing leptin production. Leptin a crucial fat burning hormone; it is also the hormone that signals our bodies that we are satisfied and to stop eating.

3. Green Onions
What they do: help flush out toxins by speeding liver function
How they do it: just one serving of this super vegetable contains enough sulfur to activate key detoxification enzymes in our liver. These enzymes convert fat deposits and toxins into water-soluble molecules that can easily be flushed and eliminated from the body.

4. Coconut Oil
What it does: improve thyroid performance
How it does it: coconut oil is very rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which amp up the production of T3. T3 is a hormone produced by the thyroid and is responsible for boosting out metabolism significantly. Many individuals with thyroid issues are lacking this key hormone, which unfortunately leads to potential weight gain. Try swapping butter and oil for coconut oil the next time you cook or bake, you can barely taste the difference!

5. Green Tea
What it does: activates fat-burning enzymes and revs up your metabolism
How it does it: the polyphenols in green tea activate the fat burning enzymes in fat cells. Making it iced has even greater benefits! Sipping 3 cups of iced green tea daily can DOUBLE your weight loss on any diet plan. Also, adding lemon helps boost the absorption of green tea’s active fat-burning ingredients by over 75%!

Have a certain area of concern?  Come see us at Sugar Land Plastic Surgery to discuss all of your surgical and cosmetic options with Dr. Nguyen and his staff!